Settling 12000 refugees syria iraq

Settling 12000 refugees syria iraq

In response to the attack against the offices of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated that Britain is «deeply concerned» by reports that there were «foreign mercenaries working inside Syria».

Following news about the attack on the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Prime Minister wrote in his Twitter post (link above):
I urge everyone who is concerned by reports of foreign fighters in Syria to ask yourself whether these men are people who want to improve their lives or whether they are mercenaries. They cannot have it both ways — we must stop foreign forces from working with extremists, and they must stop working with extremist groups. #Syria — David Cameron (@David_Cameron) October 25, 2014

Syrian Forei바카라gn Minister Walid Muallem has confirmed to Sputnik that there have been «several» foreign mercenary groups operating in Syria and that he does not believe the reports that there were foreign mercenaries.

«They are not mercenaries,» he told Sputnik (link above), speaking on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Antalya.

«We will g바카라ive you the list, but our position is that there is a problem. Those people who support terrorism, those who want to harm the stability in Syria. These are our people, these are the people, whether they were foreign mercenaries coming with weapons, or we need to work with them, we will not stop them from being terrorists.»

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said foreign mercenaries are operating in Syria after the downing of the flight which was carrying Russian servicemen, and now «they are spreading to different areas.»

«They are spreading,» the official said when the news about foreign mercenaries was first shared in July. «If anyone wants to kill civilians, kill them here in Syria.»

This new revelation came a few days after Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, speaking in Moscow to Russian media outlets, said foreign mercenaries have been «spread» throughout Syria, citing recent reports of Russian military personnel being paid off with cash and weapons.

«I saw one recently, a soldier who was in the front line of the civil war, an American man. You have seen the reports of them in Iraq. They come out in Syria and come here, that is something new,» Muallem said.

«I call this the spreading of jihad to areas that were not under the influence of the civil war, we have seen these reports.

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