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Souvenir Shopping at Charleston

When I arrived in Charleston, South cover samsung galaxy a5 amazon Carolina I was cover samsung galaxy core plus sm g350 ebay thrilled to learn that cover samsung a5 2016 metallo the city number one tourist attraction was a huge, centrally located market called City Market.

Charleston City Market is a custodia cover iphone xr great venue for finding gifts and custodia cover samsung j5 souvenirs, or just browsing and learning about local goods. The market itself is cover samsung core prime sm-g361f located right on Meeting Street samsung j6+ custodia one of the main drags in the historic district of Charleston.

Quick Content huawei p10 hoesje GuideWhy I loved Charleston City Market

Not every destination markets are worth a visit I avoid those amazon cover samsung alpha cluttery, out of the way markets that make shopping a chore. This makes it great to dip in and out of when you have time. cover samsung galaxy j3 unicorno Unlike some markets that have limited opening hours, City Market is open seven days a week from 9:30 5. The market is bookended by a striking historic building and snakes out to the Great Gallery, with open air sheds on either cover samsung s9 plus silicone disney side. The market has a giant skylight for a roof, letting all the natural light in (but none marvel cover samsung a3 of the elements).

The vendor stalls are spacious and well organized you won feel cramped or cluttered shopping here. Unlike flea markets with their jumbled sito dove vendono cover samsung tables of stuff, market vendors have a clean aesthetic.

Shopping city market Charleston South Carolina for souvenirs.

Mostly Locally Made Goods from Charleston and South Carolina

While not every single City Market vendor has local goods (some mass markets are mixed in), it is easy enough to bypass those that don and they don detract from the overall shopping experience. You won have to hunt for the good stuff, it everywhere.

Helpfully, Charleston City Market makes it easy to recognize the local souvenirs by providing so you know you getting the real deal.

Great Local Snacks

I had a long list of Southern specialties I wanted to try while in Charleston shrimp and grits, friend green tomatoes and biscuits all topped my list. Fortunately, cover samsung galaxy j1 moschino I was able to knock biscuits off my list at the market. City Market has samsung s5 hoesje an outpost of Callie cover samsung s5 neo verde Biscuits, one of my most memorable eating stops on my visit (more cover samsung t560 about that below).

What Souvenirs to Buy at Charleston City Market: a custodia samsung a7 2018 boston celtics Photo Tour

You don cover samsung s6 tpu need to dedicate any particular amount of time to shopping the market. While diehard shoppers might want to spend a couple of hours, casual browsers may be content with a quick walk through of one of the galleries.

The expertise that goes into theis evident they are cover custodia iphone 1 true works of art. Expect to pay accordingly, with smaller and less intricate baskets less pricey than larger, more elaborate ones.

The City Market is the best place in Charleston to buydirectly from the artisans (the other option is less convenient without a car vendors also line up along Route 17). There are multiple stalls selling thethroughout the market some of the stalls are even manned by the artisans themselves, weaving the baskets right custodia per tablet samsung 9.7 in front of you…

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